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Vinyl Resurgence

Vinyl Resurgence


To most seasoned DJs, vinyl is one of those sacrilegious items. It’s nostalgic and a treasured memory to those who started their art on record players. Many audiophiles will agree that vinyl provides an organic and pure sound. Listening to a record requires a tactical experience and; therefore, allows the listener to connect on a more personal level with the beats, lyrics and the music as a whole.  In addition, vinyl records increase in value as time goes on avinylnd are therefore considered cherished collectibles. The aesthetics of records can also be used for the purpose of creating visual art whether displayed in a case, on a wall or as a dining plate, although quite a few would cringe at the thought of desecrating such a respected musical object.

In the past few decades, vinyl had lost momentum as the world moved towards a digital age. However, more recently, record sales and crate digging has seen resurgence. Vinyl record sales have hit an all-time high since 1997. Vinyl record sales increased by 129% in 2012 from 2007 with a total of 4.5 million records sold worldwide. These figures are still small in comparison to CD and digital downloads, but still represent a significant jump within the last 5 years.

Question remains, for how long? Will the cassette tape see a revival like the record has? Only time will tell….

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