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The DJ Takeover!

The DJ Takeover!

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1517463_596703333716819_1283513570_nOne of North America’s first internet show’s originating in the early 1990’s

This show is hosted by the King of late night radio and underground house music in in Toronto!  Mr.Deadly HedleyJones, House Legend DJ GIO Cristiano and of course Mr Alex Paris…. This man played in any club that mattered in the 90’s…..seriously.

This show is focused on not only the music and history, but it truly was one of the first shows to focus on the Dj and producer really bringing the focus on the music and those that brought the life to it! Weekly this show would bring in the top quality guest djs and producers to showcase their talent and promote themselves or clubs and raves that they’d be working and featured at!

Countless world renowned and local artistic talent have graced the decks on the this show…thus the name DJTAKEOVER

After a small hiatus these musical masters have rejoined……. now they’re back…Playing it Funky , Deep and with a whole lotta Soul

This all goes down each and every Sunday afternoon right here on RadioTWO!

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