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Live Nation is proud to announce the all new Bud Light Dreams Music Festival in Toronto

Live Nation is proud to announce the all new Bud Light Dreams Music Festival in Toronto


Live Nation is proud to announce the all new Bud Light Dreams Music Festival in Toronto, Ontario at Echo Beach July 7 & 8, 2017.

In 2017 a new journey begins for Bud Light Dreams. Evolving from the popular Bud Light Digital Dreams, Bud Light Dreams is a 19+ boutique festival experience for a discerning electronic music fan. A new festival with a familiar feel, Bud Light Dreams is a two day, three stage, outdoor, sensorial celebration of Toronto’s music and arts community, taking place on the shores of Lake Ontario.

Coming out of 2016, one of the most crowded seasons for festivals in Canada, Bud Light Dreams will change focus and cater to a specific segment of the festival market.

“With so many festivals looking to attract the entire spectrum of fans across many genres, we’ve decided to take a different approach, creating a truly unique festival experience for a defined fan,” says Mark Russell, project manager for Bud Light Dreams.

As electronic music fans continue to mature in age and their music tastes, so too does their taste for the festival experience.

“This isn’t a festival for everyone, it’s not a catchall festival, it’s for an older fan who has been to a few festivals and have come to expect as much out of the festival experience as they do the music they’re there to dance to.”

Moving to 19+ allows the festival to firmly cement itself as a festival for an older and more mature audience, The first major festival in the market to do so, making it a truly unique experience in the market.

Another area of evolution for the festival is the site. Bud Light Dreams will take place at Echo Beach and the East Island of Ontario Place, accentuating the festival’s boutique feel while giving fans a truly intimate, 19+, festival experience. The new site layout and design will showcase three stages, Echo Beach, the House of Dreams and will re-introduce the waterfront stage, a fan favourite from 2014.

Echo Beach is located steps away from the Budweiser Stage and offers a unique concert experience unlike any other venue in Ontario. Situated minutes away from downtown Toronto on the shores of Lake Ontario, Echo Beach provides an open air festival environment on its own island. With the beautiful Toronto skyline as a backdrop, public transit close to the site and a spacious sandy beach for fans to enjoy. This is the ideal location for the Bud Light Dreams Music Festival.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates including the lineup release and on-sale ticket info.



This event will be a 19+ licensed event.

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