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Hollywood and the Dj’ing Trend

Hollywood and the Dj’ing Trend

Hollywood DJing

The past year has seen an influx in the popularity and the art of dj’ing has become ‘trendy’. Why is that? I think Hollywood is partly (or fully) to blame. It seems like everyone and their brother wants to become a DJ from the likes of Nick Cannon, Beyonce’s sister, Tom Cruises’ son and, dare we say, Paris Hilton. Or there are the celebrities who date DJs, Lilo and Samantha Ronson, DJ AM and Nicole Ritchie, Paris Hilton and Afrojack…I see a trend here Paris. Pauly D hasn’t helped the cause either since his days in Trashy Shore. Even Alexa Chung admitted to Jimmy Fallon that she “just press[es] play and then make[s] it look like[she’s] very busy.” They have all had an impact on glamourizing the DJ’ing profession which belittles the effHollywood DJingorts of actual DJs out there. Those who have become celebrities due to their talents and on their own accord are not included in this generalization. I’d like to see these so-called DJ celebrities have a spin off where any technology that auto-syncs is banned and only the use of real record players and a mixer is allowed. Now THAT would be entertaining…maybe? Ok, perhaps not so much, but my point is that they are unfortunately giving those with real talent a bad rep by making it seem like it’s so easy that my grandmother could become the next Morgan Page. This could not be further from the truth. I’ve only recently started to truly understand and learn what DJ’ing entails and let me tell you, it’s not all glitz and glamour. It requires a lot of work and skills to produce a decent party atmosphere. Tone deaf people need not apply – I’m looking at you Paris. You may agree or disagree, but those are my 2 cents (and rant) for the day!
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