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DJ Odyssey

DJ Odyssey

2011 08 05 23.02.58

2011-08-05 23.02.58DJ Odyssey started in the early 80’s and did that for over 15 years, begining in the days of Disco Viva, and the Limelight in Montreal, he also went through the “era” of Le Globe, Le Ruisseau, Tabasco Night Club (later Le Zap and Helium), Le Vogue, Chez Henri, Shalimars and JR Dallas. Having gone through the various types of music from Disco through Dance, Club, Techno, House, Rock, etc… he acquired a broad taste in music, but settled on Club, Dance and House as his favourite style.

DJ_Odessey-2He ran three successful and quite large disc jockey companies in Ottawa as well as performing in various clubs in and around the area from The Squire Club, Oliver’s Pub The Blue Room, Fonzie’s Dance Bar as well as Le Manoir Du Lac Simon, and the Hottest Adult Nightlife spot in Ottawa, The Club.  In addition, he has performed in Las Vegas at Caesar’s Palace and The RIO Hotel for such events as the Absolute Vodka Parties and DEFCON, the largest hacker gathering in the world, and overlooking South Beach Miami in some of the famous all night rooftop parties.  Looking in on him at one of these venues, you would regularly see vinyl flying high as he would perform live mashups. On more than one occasion he was also asked to perform live remixes on Energy 1200 radio and he has been a regular resident here at since the begining.

DJ_Odessey-3Odysseys talents don’t just stay with the performance and live remixing, this man is a musical mastermind when it comes to production as well. Edits, remixes, original tracks, all just flow from his mind to your ears.

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