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DJ Lessons for Your Progeny

DJ Lessons for Your Progeny

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Gone are the days when parents would pressure their child to become the next classical music prodigy – Mozart out, Avicii in.

In Brooklyn, New York, a local DJ has created a Baby DJ School. This 8 week program at $200.00 a pop offers tots under 3 the opportunity to learn about various genres of music, mixing and …. Air guitar?? Whatever the heck that implies. Does this mean that by the end of the program, they will successfully know how to beat match Mary had a Little Lamb and the Wheels on the Bus? According to the founder, nursery rhymes are Baby DJ.inddnot good enough for this school, they will be acquiring their new found DJ skills with the use of current music genres such as hip hop, house and electro.

Are they on to something? Or are local library sing a longs and playing with free DJ’ing apps on your Ipad just as effective for a child’s musical development?

If ever you find yourself in the area and are interested in giving your child some DJ lessons, you can visit for more information.

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