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Bill Fragos and The SoulGood Radio Show

Bill Fragos and The SoulGood Radio Show


From a young age Bill Fragos has been immersed in a world of music. Starting with learning a number of instruments, Bill developed skills to compose, produce and perform various styles. Having a passion for house music, Bill brought these wide variety of influences into his DJ sets. In turn, Bill’s DJ sets always have an interesting twist – from the repertoire of songs, his mixing or even a live element.

999823_10201553618551782_12313454_nBill Fragos has played sets across Australia, the US and Europe. This has included at Pacha NYC, at Home Sydney and Ivy Sydney and One Love/ Prince of Wales Melbourne. Bill has often performed 6 to 8 hour sets, including at the infamous events “The White Party” in Sydney.

A number of tracks Bill has produced have found their way into the sets of some big names – the stompin’ tribal house track “One More Time”, got heavy support from Tom Stephan aka Superchumbo (featured on his Asseteria compilation), Roger Sanchez (New York’s Finest track), George Morel and Saeed Younan. Bill’s track “Arcadia” featuring Greek folk influences mixed with tribal rhythms, received support from Boris, and the sultry “Colombiana” received widespread support and continues to get regular plays. More recently, Bill produced the track 23rdStreet, featuring sounds taken from the streets of NYC.

969271_10201243390156266_402399837_nBill Fragos is responsible for one of the world’s leading new release house music programs: SoulGood. Commencing 2002, SoulGood has developed a reputation at being at the forefront of house.

Almost all of the music featured on SoulGood is provided direct from producers, DJs and labels prior to release, giving SoulGood a definite leading edge. Every week on SoulGood a guest is featured, with SoulGood’s guest list reads like a roll call of the best house DJs of all time, supplemented by talented up and comers.

941444_10201243389196242_1830711391_nSoulGood also includes the contributions of Exacta with the segment “The New York Minute” and the “Final Fifteen”, giving SoulGood a distinctive NYC perspective. Much of the success of SoulGood and likewise Bill Fragos stems from the music’s point of difference and the way in which it is presented and programmed.

SoulGood is has been with us almost since the beginning, starting with us in mid 2009 they have built a great fan following with the station and now takes residency every Thursday, definetly worth tuning in for! Don’t forget to stop by their social media links bellow!


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