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Barry Dj Lbee Horton

Barry Dj Lbee Horton


b1Born in the backyards of Chicago’s House music Mecca Barry DJLbee Horton started spinning house music at the age of 12. “They had milk crates for some of us shorter and younger DJ’s to stand on” He says. In the 90’s He was introduced to Smooth Sounds owner Jerry Jackson and producer/DJ Clarence DJCeez Jones in Chicago’s South Loop Area upon forming this relationship a residency at Beumonts on Chicago’s near Northside developed.

In 2003 DJLbee moved to New York City and became a substitute DJ at APT’s in Manhattan’s Meat District which led to him becoming a resident DJ at Mission in Lower Manhattan spinning disco and house and introducing the Viagara and XTC Night. The VnXTC series of parties left the club and had literally became a traveling circus changing locations every week, this lead to guest spots at The Leopard Lounge and The China Club. A brief retirement occurred from 2005-2011. In 2011 LB & Da Stranger released the first of 2 rap albums with Derek “Da Stranger” Murray while they had modest success in album sales the result of Getting LB back in the studio was the real story.

DJ Lbee and Clarence DJCeez Jones reunited and as they say rest is history, while he doesn’t hold residency in Chicago , sightings in Dj Booths from Serbia to California have been reported and  torched by this man once again sharing remixes of classic R&B songs with todays currently produced house tracks. Known for his on the fly remixes You’ll catch him dropping smooth accapellas on top of his own tracks “I believe with todays DJ’s the music you play is a big part of what we are doing but what TRULY separates the good DJ from the great DJ is making the blend a MEMORABLE MASTERPIECE”–

Catch the Lbee’s weekly throw down right here on Radio ONE


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