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Anonymity of EDM Artists

Anonymity of EDM Artists

Daft Punk

Alert the authorities, Daft Punk’s identity was compromised. An unknown source at the music producers The Knocks’ offices took a picture of the French duo, Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter sans robot suits, and posted it on their Facebook page last week. The photo was quickly deleted but not before the picture went viral. In order to respect the wishes of the artists, we are not linking to the picture, but you can easily do some online research should you feel the need to see their faces.

Daft Punk very rarely agrees to be interviewed and are barely ever photographed without their robot garbs. They have spoken about this issue in the past during a very rare interview with stating: “The robots are famous, we’re not. We’re allowed to have a normal life like regular people and interact normally with people without so much of a fake situation. That’s really important to us”.

Some have argued that artists who use costumes or masks to disguise their identity do it for a publicity stunt or as a gimmick. Other camps may Daft Punkcall this brilliant brand marketing. Let’s delve into this, would we associate Daft Punk without Robots or Deadmau5 without the mouse head? Probably not. Aside from their musical talent, successful branding helped shape their career in this business and set them apart from other artists. What’s your take?

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