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An Inspiring Dream: the Story of DJ Seebaum

An Inspiring Dream: the Story of DJ Seebaum

DJ Seebaum

DJ Seebaum, a 16 year old DJ from Denver, Colorado, has been dedicating his last days to making great music. Tanner Seebaum has been battling Ependymoma, a cancerous brain tumour, since he was only two years old. Unfortunately, after eight years of remission, the cancer has returned and doctors have given Tanner only a few precious weeks to live. His condition has paralyzed the right side of his body and has compromised the hearing in his right ear. That being said, becoming a DJ and immersing himself in music has proven to be therapeutic and provided Tanner with an escape from his reality. Matt Seebaum, Tanner’s father has revealed that deejaying ‘’seems to be his channel for all he is dealing with. It’s pretty amazing to see what it has done for him”.

Over the past year, it has been Tanner’s dream to play as many shows as possible. His story was discovered by a local dubstep DJ who heard about his cause and offered Seebaum a chance to play his first live show at the Whomp Truck First Friday event in Colorado a few weeks ago. Following this event, Tanner received an invitation from DJ Mash Up King (Landon Dyksterhaus) to play a full 30 minute live seDJ Seebaumt during the Electronic Daisy Carnival at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino’s Rehab pool party in Las Vegas on June 22nd. Playing in Las Vegas has been at the top of Tanner’s bucket list. Subsequently, this also led to an offer from Beatport to live stream a set which streamed last Friday, June 28th.  He has already left an amazing legacy to the music world and inspired so many including the us over here at

We encourage all of you check out DJ Seebaum’s sets on his SoundCloud and to visit his Facebook page to support this truly inspiring young man. In addition, if you would like to donate to Tanner’s cause, visit the Tanner Seebaum Foundation website. This foundation was created to help raise funds towards research for children affected by brain and spinal tumours.

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