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Amplified Radio Presents: BPM 2017 Coverage

BPMheader 630x2001

Amplified Radio Presents is proud to announce coverage of the 2017 BPM Festival in Mexico AND the launch of its mini-series “Amplified Radio Pres: Road to BPM 2017” Amplified Radio will be going to Mexico to the 2017, 10th year anniversary of the BPM Festival.  Amplified Radio Presents will be in Playa Del Carmen for the festival from the 6 to



NEW SCHEDULING SERVERS ONLINE!! That’s right you heard it, we are almost back up to 100%! Thank you for the understanding during these massive migrations, by doing this we have increased our service delivery, reliability and added in extra fail safes that should keep the music rolling!!! VirMach is happily helping out with this hosting as we needed major redundancy